I am swimming in molds but I still want more molds?

Who else have this issue of mold hoarding? I hope I am not the only one. Mold hoarders unite! Mold or mould, however you write it is my addiction. I justify it because I create art with it. If anyone is interested in seeing my collection, I might post it if:

  1. No judgement on how much mold that I have. (No comment on how someone can own THAT obscene number of molds) I even create my own molds, which one day I want to sell to you guys. 
  2. Once I have my craft room cleaned up a bit – believe me it is in constant chaos mode 24/7 (Spilled glitter, resin… everywhere, cleaning and crafting is synonymous, anyone feel me?
  3. If you comment on this post saying you want to see it. 

Some recent mold haul (This is not all that I got LOL):

After sweetprincesskawaii.shop  posted a demolding video and also what she used for her Christmas case, I have to have that mold. So, I went on Amazon and found and bought this mold! The reason why I think this mold is worth buying is because it is more *flat* so it’d be great for decoden cases plus it has ALL the Christmas cabochons on 1 sheet. Sweet! See below Image:

Also, I went to Micheals the other day (this is basically candyland for us crafters), I noticed the Chritmas molds were 50% off. I snatched 2 of the Christmas ones for 50% off (both are matte finish): 

I cannot find the shiny lightbulb ones I keep on seeing everywhere on Instagram. I think Joann’s might have them? I am not sure. Please tell me where I can find it. Anyways, that’s it for now DiamonDearies, I will write to you very soon! 

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