Happy 2019 / First post of the year!

I want to start off this year with a new post. If you read my blog, please make a comment below, please. Say hi, make a small introduction why you like reading about crafting, no one around here will bite! ( I promise, we are all just crafting fanatics / addicts) Also, I need to know if there is anyone who read these blog post.

Some things to come to this shop this year:

  1. Molds: I will be adding some molds once I had a chance to play around with them 😛 (Cuz I am the mold queen here) I am beyond excited you guys. I will make the molds very “thicc” and perfect for resin casting and making shakers since I use these myself, I know what to look for. I am getting some my own custom designed blanks developed by my dear friend Ash @kitycrylics. She is an expert! She is so nice and knowledgeable. Currently, she is upgrading her setup and I cannot wait til she’s pumping out these babies full scale.
  2. Mold Reviews / Reviews in General: This item #2 is up to you guys. Do you guys want some reviews? I have a TON of molds, I know some molds are not great for shakers OR they need to be refinished better for a perfect resin casting and how to take care of your mold product after purchasing. Please comment if you want a heads up about this. Also reviews on where to get the best blanks, how to procure these things and review when I get my own blanks.
  3. Tutorials: So, I definitely said I want to do tutorials. What do you guys want to see? Should I post tutorials on my blog? There is so much I can show you guys… The list is just so freakin long and I don’t even know where to start you guys. I want to start with the easy / basics and ramp it up.

I am new-ish on blogging and websites. So, give me any tips if you have any useful to share. So, please “subscribe” to the blog if you want to see more posts and bookmark my website if you want to. I don’t know you can tell already but I love pink and luxury products. Other goals for 2019, is to craft the most luxurious product for you guys and upgrade my packaging. There is always room for improvements!

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  • Hi, I just found you and your amazing creations on Instagram. Everything you do is so good!! I especially like that you post answers to questions from newbies like me. I just started trying resin with my daughter and we love it. I do all sorts of other crafts but I want to learn how to make great resin pieces and start a little shop with those and other things I make. My new shop is on Instagram under @galaxxy_rising shop. I’d be so happy if you could take a look at some of our items and tell me how we can improve them and point out any mistakes. I know you are busy but I would appreciate any feedback!

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