Difference between Duo Chrome/ Aurora/ Unicorn/ Iridescent, Holographic, Mirror powder explained.

Many people are curious about how I make some special effects in my resin charms so I wanted to make a blogpost explaining some of these effects.

  • Duo Chrome / Aurora / Unicorn/ Iridescent:
Aurora / Unicorn Powder
Duochrome Vinyld

Basically the iridescent / duochrome effect is that it shifts between 2 colors depending on the angle that you are viewing it; normally- between pink and green, blue and purple etc.

Wether you use the powder or the vinyl you can get a beautiful iridescent / duochrome effect. Use the powder to burnish the mold or embed using the vinyl.

  • Holographic:

For Holographic, basically it has to have glitter inside and the glitter has to have all the colors of the rainbow- Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. Not all holographic glitter are made equal. Some are too big to be burnished. If you are wondering what is burnishing, it is when you apply the powder directly onto your surface such as the mold and rubbing it back and forth until all the glitters are aligned. This will create a beautiful holographic effect. With these powders, you can use these on resin or even on your nails (that is if you own a gel topcoat). Not all holographic powders are going to work on molds / nails. It has to be super fine and they are NOT going to be cheap. However, the Born Pretty one always worked for me!

You don’t always have to use powder since powder can be messy. You can use foils. I have a favorite foil that I get off Amazon
Of course you cannot burnish with these but you have to embed them into the resin itself. It is similar to encapsulation technique in nail art. The effect is definitely differently than burnishing. You can play around with it.

  • Mirror Powder:

This is basically a shiny silver powder that is very shiny like a mirror. It has many different colors but get the silver version and you can influence that color like make it rose gold by having a copper color underneath the color. This only works on the powder version as the vinyl will have a foil backing that is not transparent.

Products that I recommend:

That is all folks for this blog post, I will post more tutorial and blog posts soon in the future! XOXO

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